3 May 2019
case study : Novartis

Measuring and valuing the social impact of Wages – The Living Wages Dataset and The Health Utility of Income

24 Apr 2019
case study : Novartis

The Social Impact of Norvatis medicines: case Studies from South Africa and Kenya

27 Jul 2017
case study : Cementos Argos

Understanding societal value creation through Cementos Argos' Value Added Statement (VAS)

30 Jun 2017
case study : CMPC

Reducing Local Conflict by Leveraging Available Resources through CMPC's Projects

19 Apr 2017
case study : BASF

BASF’s Value-to-Society: Assessing and valuing our contribution to a sustainable growth of societies

13 Apr 2017
case study : Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL)

Fighting vector-borne diseases and creating shared value through the Godrej EMBED Programme

7 Apr 2017
case study : Santander

Social impact metrics to drive Santander mission of helping people and business prosper

7 Apr 2017
case study : Skanska

Using Skanska’s Accounting for Sustainability methodology to build real value

24 Mar 2017
case study : Veracel

Social impact assessment of Veracel’s small-scale agriculture project

24 Mar 2017
case study : Smurfit Kappa

Assessment Smurfit Kappa’s Technical, Agricultural, Livestock and Forestry Institutes

24 Mar 2017
case study : The Navigator Company

National and regional economic impact of the Navigator Company’s industrial units

23 Mar 2017
case study : April

Socio-Impact Study on APRIL and Asian Agri Operations in Riau Province

23 Mar 2017
case study : AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel’s 4D Profit & Loss Accounting of a Book

23 Mar 2017
case study : Mondi

Social impact measurement of Mondi’s community investments and activities

14 Mar 2017
case study : Nestlé

Nestlé's approach to Valuing Social Impacts